iWriter  Review – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Over the years, a lot of people have had very different experiences on iWriter. There are those that would go down proclaiming their love for the site and how it has come to their rescue from hunger and bills one too many times, and there are those that utterly detest the platform and everything it stands for.  So, is iWriter really a good site especially for those that are starting out? Having worked on iWriter and a hoard of other sites, I thought I should do this review to help shed light on the nitty-gritty areas of areas of iWriter to help you make a choice on whether you should start using the site to make your living as a writer.

If you’re not yet signed up on iWriter, please sign up here, and we can get started.

The Good

Let us start on the better side. Even for the people that hate iWriter with a passion, they will tell you that there are some aspects about the site that are undisputedly great. Picking out these elements will require working on other sites with a different experience but to save you the trouble, here is what you will love about iWriter.

  • The sign-up process – you have heard too many times of a site telling you that the sign-up process will not take you more than five minutes. After you sign up, you find out that it will take you more than two weeks to get approved. You want the MONEY NOW! iWriter has a simple and straightforward sign-up process. You will be required to take a multiple choice test before you can start working but, that takes a very short time, and the results are available as soon as the test is completed and, you can start working immediately after. You can sign up today and see how simple this is.
  • It is a take site  – you don’t have to compete with people that have been in the writing world for ages to woo clients. Being a take site, you have the luxury of looking for an article you like and can handle and picking it. Here, the process is pretty simple but, you have to be very fast while picking the article. Competition is stiff.
  • Constant flow of work  – almost all writing sites will tell you that there is a constant flow of work. In the many years that I have been doing this, there are very few that have the flow of work that iWriter has. Why? If you compare the number of writers the site has and the fact that you always see new articles on the queue, it is undeniable that any other site is able to satisfy that appetite. But iwriter tries.
  • You pay grows as you grow  – iWriter uses a rating system. For every article you write, the client gives you a rating. The better the rating you get, the more you get paid. It is not going to be simple to keep your ratings up. You need to be meticulous on how you pick your jobs. To get tips on how to pick the right jobs, read this.
  • Prompt payment  – if there is one area where iWriter shines is in sending out payments. They are prompt and automated. You can choose on the days that you would like to have your payments sent to you, and the site will not fail.

The bad

Expectedly, nothing in this universe is perfect. There are bound to be some flaws that we all wish we never had. But, hey! Welcome to the real world! It is the same case with iWriter.

  • Highly competitive  – because of the high influx of writer, jobs fly off the shelf faster than you can click on them. With some experience and perhaps some great input, you can be able to keep up with the speed and identify when to work on iWriter.
  • Rating  – I wish their rating system were reviewable. Having good ratings on the site is your way to making a better income. But, some clients are very rigid with how they rate. This can dent your ratings despite having delivered great quality work. If the site had a team of editors that would do the rating instead in a more professional way, it would be a lot better.
  • Working times – if you intend to be working through the day, you might shortchange yourself on this site. During the day (on the GMT +3.00 time zone) jobs are hard to come by. However, late into the night, the queues are bursting with activities. Simply put, you need to start working at night.

The Ugly

Well, Well, this is the part that everyone hopes never comes true. But, since this is an unbiased review, we will have to touch on this as well. So, let’s get to it!

  • Closure  – There is a policy on the site. If you don’t attain a certain rating after having submitted ten articles, your site is closed down. Also, for newbies, you can’t get to work as much as you would love to at the beginning. The site limits the number of articles that you can work on, but this is later lifted.
  • Con artists  – we all know about those clients that love to get free work off the hardworking backs (or maybe fingers in this case) of the writer. They are on iWriter too! Usually, they will copy the work or write it down and then reject the article. The site has tried to minimize this but; once in a while it might happen. But you can learn how to pick the right clients here and also here.

iWriter has plenty to offer. Not all of it might be good, but with the right information, you can make a decent living from the site and with relative ease. There are plenty of writing Gurus that always peep back on iWriter and feel happy that they landed on the site even today. Remember, writing is not a one night wonder. It takes practice, patience, and perseverance (the 3P’s) to succeed. So what are you waiting for? Sign up on Iwriter today and start making a living at home.

As always, I’m always open to comments, complaints (constructive of course) and new ideas. Also, feel free to follow the blog to get fresh content as soon as it goes up. Informative reading!

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