5 Sites that Will Pay Newbie Article Writers

Over the past month, we have been discussing Article Writing and the great platform that this online opportunity could present to many jobless youth with minimal input. The big question usually is, I have a laptop, I have been trained and I’m good to go. What next? Well, what is next is, starting your way to earning some money. I have to tell you, it is not going to be easy. Actually, it can be rough but the first dollars even if it’s one are the sweetest thing you can ever taste. To help you with that, there are sites that are perfect for you as a newbie. We will break them into the three categories.

Take sites

When starting out, take sites are probably the best option for you. Why? Because all you need is to go through the job postings and pick the job you feel you’re up to the task for. But, all is not rosy of take sites. The clients there can be a pain and the competition for jobs on such platforms usually leaves the job queue with nothing most of the time. It is a patience and waiting game.

Bid sites

Well, right out of the gates, I will tell you that most people find bid sites to be particularly painful. These are the kinds of sites that will test your patience and resolve. But, that does not mean that they are bad. Bid sites can be the perfect fit because, when a client puts up a job, different writers apply to that job (this is what is called bidding) the client then picks a freelancer that is perfect for the job. Even though this means that you need to be very patience and work on your client wooing skills, bidding sites allow you to set your terms and clients on these sites tend to be very tolerant.

Article markets

Even the most seasoned writers prefer to stay away from article markets. Why? Because despite allowing you to post any article son the platform, it can take a very long time for the article to be purchased. Some might never even be bought. However, article markets still do have their place especially considering that a lot of your articles might be rejected by clients when you’re starting out. You can post the rejected articles on article markets and try to salvage a bit of your effort. I should have you know that should your article sell on these sites, it usually sells for a lot higher than you would have initially got for it. So, you can consider them as well.

Now that you know the different categories of sites that you’re going to encounter as a budding writer, let’s have a look at the sites that will help you make money as you learn the ropes.

This is my personal favorite for a number of reasons. Upon signing up, you can start working on iWriter in less than 30 minutes. Their tests are relatively simple and anyone that understands elementary English should be able to nail them.

The site always has work for the writers and the best part is, excellent writers are always rewarded by being given better paying job. If you need to learn how you can make yourself successful on iWriter, read this article here. You can also sign up to iWriter here.

Even the best things have downsides and the iWriter goldmine is not any special. Considering the simple exams, there is a high concentration of budding writers and jobs fly off the queue faster than you can blink. But, with patience, you can still manage to make a decent living. Keep in mind that you also have crook clients that will try and damage your ratings or try to get around the system. This article will help you pick the right clients on iWriter.

  • Upwork

Upwork is a great site for intermediary writers that are looking to get more constant clients who offer better pay. The only problem is, it is a bid site. It might take you sometime to understand the art of bidding but the site offers you valuable tips that will help you make the most of your pitches to clients.

If you manage to get clients on Upwork, it can be a real morale booster. Clients on such platforms are in the habit of seeking long term writers. That simply means more work for you for a longer period of time. Such clients are not only a gold mine but if you keep to the deadlines, they also offer a great learning opportunity. I can tell you one of the reasons you’re reading this blog is because one of the clients I landed on Upwork – my very first client taught me how to work the WordPress sites. The rest is history.

Now, even with sites like Upwork working hard to make sure writers are not swindled, there are loopholes that conniving clients will use to rob naïve writers. I can tell you with confidence that conning will hit you a couple of times but as you learn, you will know how to spot such characters. Also, in future we will have a blog post that addresses that.

  • Freelancer

To most people, Freelancer has built a reputation for uncouth clients. But under that rubble of dishonest clients, there are plenty of others that are looking for hardworking writers and are willing to compensate them. Personally, I have not worked on Freelancer but, I know multiple people that have and still do and they vouch for the site 100%. Again, this is a bidding site like Upwork but slightly less competitive.

  • Paypercontent

If you would rather stick with the comfort take sites, then PayPerContent is another great option for you. The sign up process to the site is relatively simple and the test is not that complicated. But, to get the results, you will have to wait for up to two weeks. If you want to make money urgently this might not be the best site for you. Did I mention that the jobs fly out like crazy? They do. You will need to be very persistent on this site to get any work done.

  • Contentmart

Yet another bidding site but one that has less of a tainted past. Compared to Upwork, the competition here is less cut throat and you have better chances of landing clients. The pay is pretty impressive for starters. It is impossible to say more about this site without giving everything away but it is one that you should definitely check out.

Let me close by making two sentiments. The first is, there is no online working platform that is 100% safe.  It is your duty to practice safety measures when transacting online. Always insist to be paid using the mechanisms that have been put in place by the site. Second, your success is largely going to rely on your persistence and patience.

As usual, I appreciate your feedback. Be sure to let me know what you think of this and other blog posts and any subjects you would like covered in the future.  If you find this helpful, share it to help another soul!

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