God in Freelancing

Many people, especially now, are going back and forth, on and on about how they want to become freelancers, become writers and transcribers, sitting behind a desk in their pajamas, drinking coffee, watching  TV and never having to experience the pain of enduring traffic ever again. The thought of all this is all so enticing. Heck this is how I actually got into writing. Freelancing has an intoxicating allure to it. There is just something about it that reels in hordes of people all over the world to it. Probably it’s just the independence, the promise to make it big at your own terms (or so it seems) or the ‘free’ time.

As I find the words to use to express your thoughts and feelings as you venture into the all so glorified freelancing business, pause for a moment, take a deep breath and give it some thought. Understand that freelancing is just like any other self-employed business that one can venture into. While it may have some perks to it – okay, okay – A LOT of perks to it, it also comes with some uncertainties that you need to brace yourself for. It would help prepare you and set you on the path of success if you knew the hurdles that await you on the journey you are about to embark on.

To this effect, there are lots of books written by gurus that have traded the waters before you and have emerged victorious. The gurus, some of whom, most often than not, are more than willing to help and offer slices of advice to newbies every chance they get (why else would I be writing this. Not that I have made it yet, but at least I am somewhere), on any platform be it Facebook, Twitter and many other writing forums you can come across. As for roadblocks on your way, you are more than covered if you are the kind to listen.

But what I want to call your attention, the secret behind all the success stories in freelancing that you might have read before – Faith. Your Faith in the One and Only who will pull the strings in the background to make all things work together for your good – God. Now do not get me wrong, the tips and tricks, guides and all, provided are worth a fortune and can make or break your journey as a freelancer before you even start. But do not be naïve or misguided, even with a cheat sheet to making it big in freelancing, you will need something much, much more.

Think about it, just recently Upwork made the opening of their site a tad difficult. You managed to open an account and create your profile 100% (with the help of those who came before you). How many other freelancers all over the world having the same qualifications as you have joined and will be competing to land the same clients as you? Thousands right? To actually land a client in this platform or any other, and I say this at the risk of sounding all religious (not that it would bother me), you will need extra ordinary Favor and Grace from above. Ask around from those who have made it and if they are honest enough you will be a witness. God’s Favor and Grace has a big role in you hitting it big in the freelancing world. I for one can testify of the great strides He has helped me take from making a meager $20 or less a week to almost six, seven and at times ten times that a week! I say this not to brag but to help you see how He takes care of those who acknowledge Him in their Business.

Again, I do not mean you disregard the advice of those who came before you. I only seek for you to have the knowledge and revelation that there is a puppet master pulling all the strings behind the curtains. And the sooner you realize it, the better it will be for you as a freelance writer, transcriber, web designer, programmer and anything else it is you are good at.

As I pen out, remember…

’…Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the father of lights…’ (James 1:17)

~Ruiru Kibet~

Have you seen God’s hand in your journey as a freelancer? Share some of your experiences and encourage a budding freelancer.

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2 Thoughts to “God in Freelancing”

  1. Joy

    Great Article.
    Faith is number one & the Favor of God.

  2. Christine Nzioki

    The most realistic piece i have ever read.Thanks for acknowledging God.He is the ultimate provider.

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