Getting Your Revisions Done Right Every Time

Most writers and freelancers at that will agree that we have the best job on earth. You get to learn loads of new stuff and even get paid for it. But there are aspects of this field that we would rather do without. They are a necessary evil we have to live with, but we wish we didn’t have to. For writers and even for transcribers this happens to be reviewing your own work or  that of another freelancer. In this case, we will zero in on the writers.

Sure, when applying for the job you tell the client how you will submit ‘error free’ work without typos or any grammatical issues. But in most instances, you only uphold this promise to maybe the fifth article you submit. As much as you want to go through it with all your might, you just can’t wait to jump on the next article or take that break. You quickly skim through it and if you’re thorough like I am, you run a Grammarly check just to be sure you did not make some fatal mistakes. If you have not heard of Grammarly before, have a quick check here. It’s got some great features that could change how you write and improve your skill.

As much as it is an excellent tool, you have to agree that it is not as keen as the human eye and your work will still be plagued with errors. How do you keep your clients happy with quality work every time?

I came across something I thought I should share. Have you heard of Google translate? Yeah, I know you’re trying to keep the English in your content and not migrate it to another language, but this feature also happens to have some useful aspects you could use. After you’re done working on your text, you can copy and paste parts of it into the text box then click on the ‘Microphone’ icon; it will read your text as it is. If there are any mistakes, you will be able to catch them quite easily. It is an excellent way to save on time and keep the quality.

The only problem is, with this platform, there is a limit to the number of words you can paste. I threw it in so you can test run it before we get to the real solution. So, yours truly got digging and found a great software that does even better. It is called Naturalreader. Not only can you paste endless words for proofreading, but it also highlights the parts where it is reading so you can find the mistakes quicker. Astonishingly, commas, periods and other types of punctuation are noticeable in the reading. Worry not, this is not another highly computerized feature that makes you laugh when it reads.

It’s a real natural reader. Try it guys tell me what you think. Let’s keep the promise of always giving 100% error free work without going through the tedious process of reading it.

As usual, drop your comments and suggestions in the comment area and tell me what you think. Also, you can drop me a message let me know how this works for you.

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