Breaking the iWriter Juggernaut (Part 1)

iWriter is by far the best platform you can get as a writer whether experienced or as a newbie. There are plenty of benefits the site has to offer especially to the budding writer who is looking to build their skill and make some money off it. Personally, I came across iWriter accidentally and had to do most of the stuff by troubleshooting and trial and error. I do not want you to do the same thing so start by reading this iWriter review to get a hint of what the site has to offer.

Now, some people message me with multiple questions on how they can crack working on iWriter. I wish there were a hack to it, but the truth is, there is none. However, there are tips and tricks that you can use. Since this would be a long post, we will break it into a three part series. you can start by signing up to the site first.

In the first part, we will cover picking work and what you should consider. In the second part, we will discuss the text box and the writing process and how to make sure you stand a chance of getting your work approved. In the last phase, we will discuss submission and other tricks that you could use to get better ratings. Yes, there are ways you can use to improve your chances of getting better ratings.

When to work

Everything about iWriter is a strategy. Including the best time for you to work. If you want to land great clients and easy work, then you have to be prepared to be nocturnal. I remember one day is spent the whole day refreshing and did not get a single article. At night between midnight and 4 a.m., I had made close to $50. Yes, it is possible. I’m not saying this is the best time to work, but odd hours are usually the best. I’ve noticed between 10 P.m., and 3 a.m. are usually the best time.

How to pick the right work

After you have found ways to stay up late, you need to make the most of your time by selecting the right work. Again, this is all about strategy. Do not see simple articles and pick them blindly. First, have a quick look at the requester’s rating. That is not all. You also need to look at their approval rate and the number of articles they have requested and subsequently approved. I recommend working with clients who have an approval rating of at least 75%.

Why check the approval rating?

The approval rating gives you real insight into how likely it is for the client to pick your work. After you have done the quick analysis, pick the article once you have secured it, you can then save it as a draft and do a little more digging on the client. Look at how they have rated other writers and the comments they have left. There are clients that will accept the work but leave you a low rating that will hurt your progress. You do not want any of that.

The instructions

I have always found that the instructions are usually an indicator of the nature of the client. Usually, clients that have ambiguous instructions are not sure of what they want. As such, they  are more likely to reject the work. There are those that leave the field open for you. These are just experimenting and as long as the content is great and well researched, chances are they will take the work.

On the flip side, there are clients that are very stringent with the instructions. Keep in mind that you should always read the instructions entirely. If you miss something no matter how great the content is, if the client rejects it, you will only have yourself to blame. Back to the stringent. There are those clients that will even include threats as part of the instructions. They cut across as hard and impossible to deal with but, the only thing they fear is getting subpar work. If you’re serious and follow the instructions closely you should be okay.

Opening an iWriter account is super easy and acing their test is a piece of cake. But this also has a downside since even mediocre writers can get on the platform. So, you have to make sure you do a good job and get on as many favorite lists as you can.

Watch out for part 2 tomorrow. In case I missed something that you think should have been covered, drop it in the comment box and let’s see how we can extend each other a helping hand.

Happy Trans-nighting freelancers!

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