5 Qualities of a Good Freelancer

In the many years that I’ve been an online article writer, I’ve learnt the hard way that it is not a profession that can be taken up by anyone. I have tutored and mentored many that have fallen along the way some with the best online writing skills because they lack the qualities of a good freelancer. It takes someone special with special qualities to become a freelancer and be successful at it.

While training is utterly essential in your quest to become a freelancer, there are some in-born traits that you need to have and some which you can train yourself while learning how to become a freelancer that will help you maximize your input and have better returns going forward.

Self-drive (initiative)

Self-drive is powerful tool to have when you’re an online freelancer. You’ll not wake up everyday of the week feeling up to the task and ready to take on the world. The fact that you don’t have any supervision can make this even worse. Even the most successful online freelancers will tell you that they still struggle with procrastination. It can be a big stumbling blog in your path to being a successful freelancer. Self-drive is one of the most essential qualities of a good freelancer. It will help you achieve goals, beat deadlines and keep clients allowing you to grow and remain credible and most importantly earn more.

Time Management

In the online world, content goes stale very fast. That is why it’s usually very important that as an online worker, you deliver on all your projects at the time agree on between you and the client. With plenty of distractions on the internet like Facebook and Instagram and no one pushing you to work, it is easy to lose track of time. Proper time management skills, allow you to get your work done and still have time for other commitments that you will have outside of your online work.


When I was a budding writer and learning how to become a freelancer, there were many times I wanted to quit. Being self-taught, I did not have any guidance and I would make some mistakes that clients would not tolerate. In some cases, I would dedicate my time and deliver good content and the client would fail to pay but, that did not stop me. during your online freelancing journey, you’re going to find countless hurdles and challenges. Being able to rise above them and keep fighting to grow yourself is going to be essential. This is why persistence is one of the most important qualities of a good freelancer especially during the learning phase.


When you’re employed, your employer and your clients are seeing you. You need to represent yourself and dress in a manner that is respectful and acceptable by parties at the workplace. The same courtesy should be extended to online work especially if you want to be a successful freelancer. You need to handle your clients and talk to them in a professional and courteous manner even when you don’t agree on some things. Professionalism in this case will also extend to being able to honor contracts, deliver quality articles on time and keep constant communication with your clients at all times. If you have a video interview with a client, you need to dress up and present yourself in a professional manner.

Willingness to accept responsibility

Mistakes will happen. Sometimes you will miss the point and sometimes a typing error will slip through your fingers. You can avoid some these mistakes by reading our blog on everything you need to become a good freelancer. Should these mistakes happen being able to account for your mistakes and take the blame is a weakness that every person has but in this case, it could be a strength. It is not wise to argue with clients especially when you know they are right. Owning up to your mistakes and correcting them is not only a show of professionalism and an important quality of a freelancer but can also see you get multiple return clients.

These qualities of a good freelancer are not something that someone can train you on. While you can teach yourself to adhere to each and every one of them, it takes personal responsibility and effort and for the lucky ones, some of them could occur naturally to them. Even with a trainer to help you become a successful freelancer, you will still need to throw in your weight to learn these qualities and practice them in your online work.

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